About us

Cadilight is an animation studio specialised in 3D animation services for technology and industry.

We provide photorealistic 3D animations of industrial processes, devices and machines based on 3D CAD projects of our customers or designing entire 3D scene from scratch.

The company started operation in 2017. Since then we had a pleasure to work with various Polish, European and American industrial manufacturers. The animation we provide are successfully used at trade shows, websites and YouTube/Linkedin pages.

The company’s headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland at Puławska 12 street.

“(…) in Cadilight we work at the meeting point of marketing and engineering, combining high aesthetics with attention to technical details. It results with high quality, efficient and visually appealing 3D animations, presenting technology of our customers in easy to understand and impressive way.”

Jakub Grabarczyk
CEO & Creative Designer at Cadilight