Articles #5 | Case study: Famat Sampling - 3D animated explainer video and promotional video - two ways of presenting the same technology

There are many ways of presenting products, devices and technologies. 3D animations are considered one of the most efficient and impressive ones. However, there are many styles of 3D animations too. What kind of 3D animation do you need? Which style is better for Linkedin campaign and which for the company website? Can we use one 3D animation for all the purposes and why sometimes it is not the best idea? We will try to answer these questions in this short article, on the example of 3D animations prepared for Famat Sampling company

Famat Sampling company is a global leader in the field of sampling valves dedicated for pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The company offers various types of valves dedicated for specific applications. The crucial feature of the devices can be Extended Piston Technology® (EPT) which allows for very high tightness without need of using o-rings. This prevents from potential contamination of the sample by o-rings wear products.

The key part of the technology is extended piston of the valve. Its deformation is going on inside the valve body and can not be seen by eye from outside. This made the technology perfect candidate for being nicely presented using 3D animations

Fig 1. Description of the Famat EPT ® patented technology

First way: explanation of the technology

The first group of 3D industrial animations we prepare are explainer animations. The main goal of these kind of animations is to introduce the technology and easily explain its details step by step. Usually the animation is calm and a little big longer, to give the viewer time to familiarize with technology and understand it. In cadilight we often recommend voice-over for this type of animations, as it always brings better understanding of the technology. At the same time, human voice always helps getting more personal and emotional vibe of the video.

You can see result of our work below, 3D animated explainer and introduction video of the Famat EPT® technology:

Fig 2. The 3D animation prepared in the explainer video style

The animation has been prepared in many language versions, like Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and more, you can check all of them on the Famat Sampling company Youtube channel 

Second way: impress the viewers quickly!

Although the animation has been really well received, it missed one important factor: it did not catch the viewers attention instantly. That turned out to be key feature when uploading the video on the Linkedin. The animation was informative and well prepared, however it did not provide instant “wow” effect to bring more reactions on the social media. Thus we decided to prepare shorter, more catchy and dynamic version of the same animation. It resulted in stunning looking 3D animation which received great feedback and dozens reactions.

This is a second type of 3D animations cadilight offers: 3D promotional videos. These videos are usually quick and catchy, focused on getting the attention of the viewer. This “commercial like” style is very good for social media, tradeshows and any usage when we have very limited time to present the technology.

Fig 3. The 3D animation prepared in the promotional video style

3D animation styles: explainer and promotional - both are good!

As you can see, when promoting Famat Sampling patented EPT® technology we used both 3D animation styles.  This is very reasonable approach as each of them has its prons and cons and there is no reason trying to choose better option. These are just different types of videos and each of them is good in specific situations. On the chart below we summarized features of each video type.

Explainer video style

Easy to understand
"Wow" effect generator

Promotional video style

Easy to understand
"Wow" effect generator

Either you need quick and stunning promotional 3D animation or longer and informative explainer video, please contact us for more information, we will work on your project with pleasure and suggest the best option for your needs.

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