Cadilight is an animation studio specialized in 3D animations for technology and industry. We offer various types of 3D animations and renderings described below.

One of the main application of CAD models animations are visuals of industrial processes. Thanks to setting proper lighting and materials we obtain photorealistic effect of dynamic industrial process.

We provide animations of:

  • assembly processes
  • conveying systems
  • positioning systems
  • robots
  • manufacturing processes

These animations can be very effective in marketing and sales of machines and devices performing processes listed above.

The animation of device’s construction is the tool highly optimizing knowledge transfer process. It makes understanding of particular technical objects much simper and easier. Thanks to using half-views, exploded views or moving and interacting with each other parts of assembly we can easily show its internal structure and real principle of operation. At the same time, the animation technique eliminates drawbacks of instructional videos which demands real model of the device and cannot analyze internal structure of the object.

We provide technical animations of:

  • mechatronic devices designs
  • precise mechanical systems
  • actuators (eg. drives, cylinders)
  • industrial machines and assembly lines
  • measurements instruments

Using 3D technical animations you save resources of technical customer support and optimize time for internal trainings. Moreover, that is one of the most effective sales support tools, which allows to understand your products quickly and easily.

Static visuals of machines and devices are also effective tool supporting design process in its concept stage. Basing on device’s CAD model, we can present high quality rendering of the system, before manufacturing the prototype. It is crucial while looking for investors, crowdfounding compaigns and others. Moreover, it allows to analyze and objectively compare different industrial design concepts, colors and final shape of the product.

tatic visuals means also saving time and resources needed for professional catalogues and brochures. Execution of high-quality photography of many products demands huge expenditure of time and laboratory conditions. What is more, each change of the product causes obsolescence of the website and brochure’s content.

By using industrial visuals you will get quick and professional look of your CAD model which most of the viewers will describe as photography.


we accept all possible formats of CAD files: Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, CATIA as well as universal CAD format files such as *.step and *.stp


before executing the order we sign the contract, which guarantees confidentiality of your projects as well as all patent rights

direct contact

each project we perform is lead by dedicated specialist - that is the person being directly responsible of all the contact with customer and project details